About Us

Accent Himalaya

Nepal being at the Himalayan country with so much to explore and so many adventures to experience exists in this Himalayan country – Nepal. As we the Accent Himalaya had created precisely different adventures in different countries - like we have the package of different tour/ trekking/ expedition etc. in Tibet, Bhutan and of course in Nepal which mainly focus at it. As we the company will soon start to operate Adventure tour in countries like India and other Asian countries very soon. As now we mainly focus and operate in this three country Nepal, India, and Bhutan where we operate trekking, mountaineering, peak climbing, and other many adventures activities like jungle safari, rafting, bungee jumping, rock climbing and other many activities.

Company Overview

This Accent Himalayan Company was founded by Suman Nepal, as in 2005 he started working as a trekking leader in other company and slowly with much knowledge and experience, he started operating his own company named Accent Himalaya and this company was established in 2013 and has been running till now successfully with the help of our expert team and certified guides where our staff has successfully increase with the maximum of 35 staffs. Accent Himalaya has been operating with different packages in these three peaceful countries which are in Nepal, India and Bhutan and now we have started operating in other Asian countries as we now also have a package tour in international countries and slowly with the help of our expert team we will soon arrange the itineraries of these countries.      

What We Do

Accent Himalaya is an expert in longer days of trekking, small hiking days, peak climbing, jungle safari, rafting, cycling tour or mountain biking in the mountain region, sightseeing cultural sites like we have such special itineraries for the honeymoon package, festival packages, as well as volunteering and student we arrange all these packages in the special itinerary as per their desire.  Our maximum group tour will be in the size of 7 people in the group with 1 expert and certified guide and one porter. As we also arrange a large group tour.

As we have recently and newly operate a new package which is volunteering including with small trekking journey. As we do also have newly married package tour too.

How We Are Different

The Accent Himalaya group has spent years discovering picturesque isolated residences to halt that supplement in further acquainted destinations within Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet. The team of the company conceits itself on its wide-ranging information/knowledge and network system; we had prudently chosen the team with their dedicated talents and their unique skills along with their dedication to client’s pleasure. So traveling with our company you will be in safe hands and you feel comfortable and get to enjoy your journey with us and feel like family.

As our managing director himself from the local area and has earlier worked as a guide for many years and slowly he had started operating his own certified company and have done many trekking of the Himalayan county Nepal.

What We Stand For

Accent Himalayan stands a lot. Firstly Accent Himalaya offers you different trekking and trip packages at the reasonable price. We will guarantee you that traveling with our company will make your tour one of the best memorable tours as well as also make sure that your safety is in our hands where you can freely enjoy the tour.

On every tour, we the Accent Himalaya totally focus on the environmental policy and conserve the environment by using the local product and try not using the plastic while touring. We try using much local product and we have such packages like homestay in the local communities so, the income you pay will be benefits to those local people too.

As for the porter and guide also has policies like we have certified guides and for them, we have such training to them where they get fully trained and while touring and trekking they are well confident and we have cover even their insurance policy.

Our main concern is the corporate social responsibility. As we the Accent Himalaya Company always focuses on improving the lives of the poor people by helping the poor families and by educating the children with the help of the organization People Awareness Youth Society which is the foundation in helping the poor people living in the remote region by educating the children and in health infrastructures mainly they focus on the  Dhading and Gorkha district which is in western Nepal. As we the Accent Himalaya give 10% fund to this foundation every year so, it will be helpful in constructing a proper school for the children, and also maintaining a proper clean toilet, etc.

International Agents and Operations

As our company is also operating and had started working with the international travel agent company of different country which is Canada, UK, Singapore, Australia, USA, Europe, and Russia providing all basics fundamental of trekking and trip holiday, inducement and shared journeys and other tour linked facilities in countries like Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet. Accent Himalaya team also has visited countries like Australia, Russia, Switzerland, and North America where we promote the company and get further knowledge from the international travel agents.

As we had also visited the international expos of the different travel company, international travel market and participate in different adventure international travel. So we the Accent Himalayan company continuously tracking down various techniques to develop our network to provide the definitive Himalayan proficiencies to our customers.

The Bottom line

We the Accent Himalayan will be always there for your help and help in travelling to your best dreamland destination where you like to travel the most so, we will be setting all the tour as per your desire so come and booked from our Accent Himalayan company where we have different packages where you can enjoy freely and experience the different culture many more.