How long have you been in business?

Accent Himalaya is a local company which was recently established in 2014 What we have here in Accent Himalaya is tour and trek packages for exploring Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and Sikkim with a dedicated team of competent and experienced professionals.


Why should I book with Accent Himalaya?

We the Accent Himalaya focus more on the local region where you get to explore the rich cultures, traditions, livelihood, and lifestyle of regional people. Most of the accommodation is based on the local homestay. Tourism has been our family business for generations. We started from root level as from porter to assistant guide, guide and finally after lots of experience, ups and down, finally we had the courage to establish our own company. Your safety and optimum satisfaction is the goal our company. We care about your need and wants and our customer service will be with you 24hrs on your stay here with us. We value your precious time and money. Our expert teams of professional guides have abundant knowledge (historical and geographical) of the remote region and they will be leading you to the isolated region where your journey would be rewarding and relaxing.


What meals are included?

The meal provided by the company is detailed on the itinerary and is updated for each day according to geographic locations. Breakfast is included every day. While trekking to the remote area where restaurants are not available - breakfast, lunch, and dinner are provided. In some regions where hotels are available, then we will provide only breakfast and dinner but the lunch.

Breakfast would include toast, porridge, and a cup of tea or coffee. If you want an additional meal then you can order but the addition should be paid separately. The lunch and dinner in the hilly region where no lodges are available, our company’s chef will cook tasty and nourishing food for you. At some trekking region, there are abundant hotels and lodge. In such areas, breakfast is only provided but the lunch and dinner. The food you get in the local restaurant would be authentic Nepali food which is rice, dal (lentil soup) and different seasonal vegetables. We also have pizza and apple pie in deserts.


What is the general standard of accommodation?

Different trips have varied accommodation. If you are exploring the city, then you would be accommodated in hotels ranging from 3 to 5 stars. If your budget does not support these stared hotels, then we can arrange a normal budget hotel.

While in peak expedition and trekking - most of the accommodation will be a local lodge, village homestay or tent. It would be twin shared room with shared bathroom and sometimes some lodges might have attached bathroom. The bathroom style varies with western style or Asian squat which is more common.

Normally we don’t provide single room but if you want we can try to arrange that for you but the price will be slightly different. Most of the accommodations have to be shared. The rooms will be clean and comfortable but at night in the hilly region, it would be slightly cold. The bathroom has running water but for the shower - you’ll get only one bucket of water.


Can I book through a Travel Agency?

No, you can’t. We the company will give our clients with direct service at a very reasonable price. We don’t add any travel agent's commission to our value.


Can I extend my trip before or after your tour and can you arrange extra accommodation?

Yes, definitely you can extend your trip to the country. You have a lot much to discover here, so feel free to extend your trip. There won’t be any accommodation problem as we have a contract with many hotels.


Do you arrange Travel Insurance?

No, we do not arrange any travel insurance. However, we can recommend some of the travel insurance company who is specialized in travel insurance for you to get one. If you are seeking travel insurance policy on your own then make sure to do your homework about the company because some fraudulent company may be out there. We can provide you a list of recommended travel insurance company to you. Keep in mind that some Platinum Credit Cards bid travel Insurance as part of their rewards program although read the documentation.


Can I book flights with you?

No, you cannot because we are not a travel agency. What we can do is help arrange some domestic airlines for you and also recommend travel agency for international flights. You can visit the travel agency’s websites for further details.


Are there lots of optional excursions which will cost us extra?

No. Most of the trips are included with sightseeing and touring. There is no charge extra charge. The information of all included tour is listed in the detailed itinerary or outline itinerary.


Where do I get additional information about the tour?

The tour detail is described briefly in the content. Below the content, there is a button of the detailed itinerary where you can get all the information about the tour. So if you are well confirmed to book the trip, we will be sending you the pre-departure information for your particular trip, other details like visa and additional essential information.


How much baggage can I take?

The universal rule is one should pack light but carry all the listed items given on the company’s website. Also, our country has lots of interesting things to offer as there are lots of unique, antique and souvenir shops where you might feel like  Online shopping.

Make sure to pack your backpack lighter because in some situation you have might have to carry your own backpack. In some trips, suitcases are fine but it’s not suitable everywhere. We also recommend you to carry duffel bags. Please ask your travel advisor about airlines because different airlines have different rules about the baggage weight allowance.


Do I need to cover my travel insurance?

Yes, it is compulsory to cover the travel insurance policy for any trip with Accent Himalaya. You are required to submit the proof of insurance before starting the trek. Also, make sure the travel insurance policy that you get covers up to an elevation of 6000m.The policy must also cover the medical expenses in case of emergency, hospitalization and to protect against an unexpected situation.

We the company do not have a travel insurance but we can recommend World Nomads costing at around $125.Please go through the travel insurance policy carefully for your medical expenses as well as baggage and equipment in case you lose it.

If any customers are going for our any adventurous activity then make sure that the insurance policy will cover this adventurous activity too. If you cover the policy then all we need is your 2 photocopies of your travel insurance policy with policy number and the emergency number.


Will my cell phone network work in another country?

Yes, your phone works with a good network in the city but might not work well in some of the isolated regions because of a poor network. However, we the company makes sure that you get to contact with your loved ones.


For a different holiday tour do we need to have to pack our stuff differently?

After booking a trip with us, we will be sending you the listed items required as per the specific trips you choose. All other information of the trip will be given to you before the departures date. If you have any questions and want to inquire more then you can easily get to us by contacting or email.


What level of comfort can I expect?

Comfort will be beyond your expectation on any trip with the Accent Himalaya Company. Either trekking or peak climbing expedition, if no accommodation is available then we the team and our guide will be setting you a good comfortable tent as our tent are well equipped.

All of the equipment of the tent is carried out by the porter. Our team members will serve you with clean, delicious and nourishing food. In every path of trails, our guides will be there for you if you need anything. Also, they will arrange you the best comfy accommodation and the comfortable vehicles wherever possible.


How safe is it?

The goal of our Accent Himalaya Company is the client’s safety and is the first priority. While traveling and trekking to the remote region our guides will be leading you where you will be in the safe hands.


Where do we stay?

We make sure that you accommodate well and comfortable. In the city, you will be staying in the private room or a shared room with comfortable beds with lots of facilities but in the remote region, the accommodation will be little different.

In the city, you will be staying at hotels rated from 3 to 5 stars. In the remote region where there are no such facilities, the room is mostly twin-shared room with comfortable beds.

On camping, we the team will be providing you well-equipped tent set up by our expert team where two people can easily fit and even there will be a restroom (tent). 


Can I organize my own private group?

Yes, definitely we do arrange a private group where if our specified itinerary does not fit your vacation schedule. We will be glad to arrange the program schedule as per your interest. This type of service is accessible to both solo travelers and group travelers.

The general rule in the private group is there should be a maximum of 7 people. If there is a larger group then we shall offer a discounted price. Our company does organize tailor-made holidays for a group of friends, family members, clubs, schools, charities etc. where we will be glad to advise you on planning any trips.


What about the food?

We the company makes sure that the foods served to our clients are well nourished and hygienic. Our expert cook will provide you hygienic food with seasonal vegetables. You will get to try both the local as well as the western food.

The company main priority is the client’s safety as well as their health. While trekking or touring we make sure that guide gets nourished clean and hygienic foods. We even provide vegetarian foods. So let us know your dietary plan and which food items you have allergy on.


Are there any hidden surcharges or extras?

We operate different trips and operations where we include accommodation, transportation, most meals and equipment needed for trekking adventures. Once you depart for home there is very little to spend. Compare our value, inclusion and daily rates and we think that you will agree our holiday represents the finest.


What’s the climate like?

The season for trekking in Nepal is from the month of May and October. The day temperature will differ from 15 to 35 ºC (60 to 96 º F) in Kathmandu valley.  The day temperature will be around 10 ºC (50 ºF) at 3,600m and decrease lower the upper we move. On the day, the climate would be favorable which is perfectly fine for trekking. During this period, the sky will be clear most of the time. Snow and rain are infrequent.
Another finest season of trekking in Nepal would be post monsoon or autumn season. During this period, the day temperatures will be around or slightly above 20º C (68ºF) in the Kathmandu valley. The sky will be usually clear and sunny where you can get the clear view of the mountains. In the night it will be a bit colder with the temperature reducing as low as -10 ºC (50ºF) at the utmost elevation.

Winter season is also the ideal time for trekking starting from the month of December to the end of February. At Kathmandu valley, the daytime maximum temperature will be around 19 º C (66ºF).

On December, the sky is also clear where one also gets the pleasant view of the mountains. The day will be sunny with a clear sky. Nights will be extremely cold with the temperature down from -15 to -20 ºC (5 to -4 ºF) at the utmost height. During this period the trails will be less crowded.

The pre-monsoon or spring season is the month of March to May. On this period, the day and night will be warmer with frequent fog starting to build up in the afternoon. In the Kathmandu valley, the temperature is extremely warmer and temperature would rise up to 35 º C (95ºF). During this spring season flowers start to bloom where one gets to observe diverse flora of the Himalaya. Most visitors book the trip on this spring season.

Snowfall can be predictable on any departures generally at the high altitudes. In the mountainous region, the weather might not be as favorable as given above. There might be certain changes as climate suddenly changes in the Himalayan region. So we should be prepared for such change in climate.


What communication amenities will be obtainable?

In some of the remote area, the network is poor so you may not be able to easily communicate. Our guide will let you know when to connect to your hometown so that you can easily communicate or email your loved ones.


How can friends and family make contact with you?

If your family and friends aren't able to contact you then they can easily contact the Accent Himalaya Company via email or phone. The contact lists of the company are given on our website. You can email us and then we will pass on the message to your family and friends.

Our trek leader will be also carrying a satellite phone in case of an emergency situation for the safety of our clients. All our guides are well experienced and also certified in the first aid.


Will my mobile phone work in the remote region?

We can’t guarantee you whether your phone (international) will work or not as in some of the remote area there is a low coverage network. You can easily buy a local sim card which is easily available. So before heading to the remote area you can contact or email your family or your friends.


Will I get internet coverage?

There is speed internet in the city but in the remote area there are only a few Wi-Fi spots but in some of the isolated or mountainous region there are no such facilities of the internet.


Can you arrange additional accommodation for me?

Yes, definitely we can surely arrange an additional accommodation if you are extending some days.


Tipping information

It’s not compulsory that you must tip your guide or the porter. At the end of the trip, most of our clients are satisfied with the services provided by the porters, guide and the team. So they give some tip. It’s totally up to you.

Tips inspire people to give great customer service and are of great importance to the people who provide you with outstanding service throughout your journey. Tips also have been a well-established characteristic of tourism business.


What else should I know?

If you have any further inquiries, please feel free to email or contact us.


Reservation FAQs


How do I know which trips are available?

We provide booking status and departure dates of every package on our website. We are always determined and keep up to date available trip information on our website. Please do visit our website, office or contact us for further information.


How far in advance do I need to book?

You have to book at least 24 hours before trip starting date if you are already in Nepal else you have to book at least 2 days prior. Nepal is a big destination for trekking and it may be difficult to arrange trips when visitor’s volume increases. So please book and confirm the trip in advance you desire.


Can I book through a travel agent?

No. Travel Agents make the cost of the trip more expensive and unreasonable. So we don’t make any transaction with a travel agent to receive booking.


How does your price compare to your competitors?

Most of our competitors are affiliated with a travel agent or third person for booking and arranging the trips. Third parties and travel agents attach commission with the quoted price which makes it expensive and unreasonable. Our price is as much adjusted and reasonable.


Are there discounts for groups?

Yes sure. We offer some discount for a group of members more than 4 people. Contact us for discounting.


What’s included in the price?

Please refer to the trip package for all the information regarding what’s included in the price.


Does the tour price include international flights?

Our prices are as reasonable as we can adjust. It includes almost all of the expenses of the trip. But it doesn’t include the international airfare. Please check the trip details to understand all about cost including and excluding the trip.


When will the final payment due?

Generally, the final payments are due as you reach our office in Nepal. In such a case - where the trip starting point is further than Nepal, due amount is payable to you as you reach the Trip Joining Point.


What are the most popular activities?

We create packages popular for those specific areas. All our packages are pretty famous. Everest region based treks, Annapurna region based treks, Upper Mustang based treks, Chitwan jungle safari, Cycling and Mountain biking, Bungee jumping, River rafting, Paragliding, Helicopter tours, Photography tours are some examples of most popular.


What are forms of payments available to use?

We accept Personal cheque, Money orders, Digital payments such as Master card, Visa Card, Discover & American Express (which charges 13% service fee) and Pay pal. You can also use traveler's cheque (which charges 13% service fee). So we strongly recommend cash payments to avoid any service fee.


Can I pay for the tour in full, when I book?

Yes, of course. It’s ok to pay in full while booking. But remember to take payment invoice with you while departing to trip destination.


Are pre-booked activities guaranteed?

We work with honesty and dignity. We make sure that the trip is completely guaranteed but can’t say in the case of activities beyond our control such as natural disasters, extremely bad weather, and strike or otherwise. Please make a call to the office or email us for booking process and further updates.


Can I book activities during the trip?

Yes, but can’t guarantee one. Pre-booking is always better.


I only have a short amount of time – which one week tour is best, the North Island or South Island?

We have experienced professionals on our team. Our team members will provide you with all the information required for you to select from for your limited time. You can choose according to your desire.


Is there a single booking supplement?

Yes in cases of cities like Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan and another developed city but not for high altitude lands, remote area etc. Single supplements will increase the cost of the trip which is not included in the quoted price.


What are the recommended ages?

Minimum age is 18 years. More important than the age is the altitude of the trip. However, a child with a minimum of 12 years can join the trip in presence of a guardian of at least aged 21.


Can I join a trip once it’s started?

If your travel date can’t fit with trip starting date, we can still work out a way to meet you on the trip. Just let us know about your arriving dates so we can do our best in such cases.


Do I need to speak English in order to join one of your trips?

Most of our staff and team members are well skilled in English. So you may want to talk in English but not necessarily.


Do I need travel insurance?

We strongly recommend taking out the Travel Insurance once you booked your trip. Make sure that your policy will cover all risk and losses while on your trip.


I’m traveling on my own – can I join one of your trips?

We also arrange the trip for solo travelers.


There is a group of us that wants to join a trip, is that OK?

Yes for sure. It is completely acceptable for a group to join a trip. However, the maximum size of the group is applied.


Can I do just part of the trip?

We provide opportunities to our clients to alter the itinerary as their interest and we will try to do as much possible as we can. However, doing just little part of the trip is little uncomfortable.


What if I want to cancel the trip?

If you decide to cancel your trip, the following fees may apply and are due to Accent Himalaya at the time (prior to departure). We should receive a written notice of your cancellation.

91 or more days            no any cancellation charge
61 to 90 days                30% of booking price
31 to 60 days                40% of Booking price
16 to 30 days                50% of Booking Price
less than 16 days          100% of Booking Price


If you want to recover your trip booking price in case of cancellation, please make a proper “Trip Cancellation Insurance Policy”.


Before and after your tour


Do you have any recommendations for International flights?

We are pretty much specialized in touring and trekking. However, our head office is located in populated tourism hotspot, so you can easily find a travel agency nearby.


Can you book internal flights for me, once the tour ends?

Some of our packages include internal flights (not on all packages) and we arrange only those. But we can’t book or arrange any flights other than the packages.


I want to stay in Nepal for a few days after my trip – can I book accommodation and activities through you?

If your visa period is not expired or going to expire shortly you may stay in Nepal more after the trip. If you want to make another trip we surely can do that.


What clothing and footwear should I bring for my trip?

Please visit the package/trip which you are going to do to find out all about clothes, gears, equipment, and packing.


How do I get to the airport, once the trip ends?

Our representative will pick up before the trip and drop you to Airport once the trip is ended. If you would like to go the airport on your own then you can reach there by taxi, hire a vehicle or use the public bus which passes by the airport.


Accommodation, Food, Drink, and Meals


Should I upgrade my accommodation to a private room?

A private room can only be arranged in cities but not on the trip or trek because of the remoteness and high altitude of the area where lodges or teahouses have to arrange rooms for heavy visitors in the seasons.


What is the cost to upgrade to a private room?

Single supplement is only available in cities/towns but not elsewhere. The arrangement of a single supplementary room will be charged more according to your selection.


Can I check in on my accommodation late at night?

Yes of course. You can check in the hotel late in the night. But remember, if security feels unsecured, you may not be checked in.


Can I stay in a female only dorm room?

We also make female-only dorms but may have to share with other females outside of your group. We make trip groups put together in dorm accommodation but you are sharing a room with people you are familiar with.


Are there laundry facilities while we are on a trip?

In cities, we do have laundry services but can’t say while on the trip. We mostly stay in lodges/teahouse for least amount of time as we move further up, so laundry is not easy in trekking days.


What meals are available while on the trip?

Especially Nepalese foods are available easily. However, foods such as Continental, Chinese, Italian, Japanese and Indian are also available according to the standard of the hotels and lodges.


Do you cater for vegetarians/vegans?

Some of the Nepalese People are Vegetarian (especially Brahmans), so we do cater for Vegan.


Other matters


Are there baggage limitations?

Yes, you can carry maximum baggage as fixed by the airlines but any extra would cost you according to airlines fares for extra baggage. Also internal flights have some baggage limit.


What kind of Wi-Fi internet access is offered throughout the trip?

Wi-Fi/internets are available in cities but can’t say while on the trip. On available region, you can also enjoy the internet services by paying some cash in internet cafes. You can also use cellular data using a local sim card.


What level of physical activity is demanded each day?

At most, you may walk to a scenic lookout on a well-maintained path. For more adventurous people there is sometimes the opportunity to do a bridge or rock jump into one of our rivers or lakes. However, this is completely optional of course!


What happens if there is bad weather on the trip?

We have flexibility in our tour. Our guides will make stops along the way at places of interest that aren't weather dependent such as wineries, so you will still see some awesome places in the rain!


What vehicle is used to transport passengers on the trip?

Generally, we are transported on a tourist bus in route, domestic flight as on the package, private vehicle as demanded.


Does the guide speak other languages?

Generally, our guides and staff are well skilled in English and Nepali. Some may also speak some specific language like Chinese, Japanese, French, Hindi etc and other local languages too.


Are your guides certified in first aid?

Our guides are certified and licensed by different associations including First Aid and government authority.


Can I bring my children?

Travelers under 18 years (Minimum 12) must be accompanied by an adult 21 years or older.


How much baggage can I take?

There is no any limitation for packing but remember that porters carry baggage as a limit.


Can I take my cell phone?

Some features of your phone (international) may not work in Nepal but you can use the local sim for cellular services.



If you have any further inquiries, please feel free to email or contact us.


Thank You