Mission And Vision


Accent Himalaya believes that the company without a vision and mission is just like “a plane without a rudder”. We are a team of experts with a clear vision and well-defined mission.

         MISSION STATEMENT                      


Our Mission Statement is :

To provide noteworthy trekking, hiking, expedition, rafting and more adventures to Nepal’s magnificent Himalayas, base camps, wild sceneries, villages, culture and much more at reasonable cost; and to contribute to alleviating poverty and illiteracy from remote villages of Nepal.”

To pursue this mission, we have some guiding doctrines based on which we act out for the client satisfaction.




1. Pleasure in work

Accent Himalaya believes that the output of the work can only be recognized when there is pleasure in work. So, when you set out for the adventurous treks or expedition, rafting, touring or any other recreational activities, you expect some sort of hospitality, friendly guide or a frank and sincere porter so that any obstacles that may befall on your journey can be completed with ease.

Accent Himalayas has all the staff from administration to the field who are career oriented and goal driven. They give their 100% from their side to make the clients happy and satisfied. Sincerity, responsibility, and dedication are the guiding principles of our staff with the help of which you will enjoy every moment to enrich your experience.


2. Infallible and Proficient Client Service

Accent Himalaya is very prompt to reply the queries of our clients. We have veteran staff who work out 7/24 to contact the guests, provide service, adjust and fix the itinerary and help with all the odds and ends that our clients may face. We believe with our proficient service, no guests will remain unsatisfied.


3. Community Service

Accent Himalaya is more a goal driven company than profit-driven. A certain percentage of income from Accent Himalaya is regularly invested for community enhancement to uplift the living standard of the people living in rural area. For now, we have helped to raise the educational standard of public schools with some donations for infrastructure development, educational materials, and scholarships. However, in the near future, we wish to expand it to community outreach with vocational training for sustainable life.


4. Environment Conservation

Environment Conversation is a big project that requires bigger participation and communal effort. But a long journey starts with a single step. As a step for the clean, green and healthy environment, Accent Himalaya bans plastic bags and rappers to the guests. Moreover, we request our clients to adopt the etiquettes for environment conservation. Similarly, we involve in environmental sanitation and cleanliness campaigns and occasionally organizes such activities itself.


5. Reasonable Cost

Flawless tourism at the lowest possible cost is one of our principles. The cost of every trekking and tour package is comparatively cheaper than other companies set up in the city. Furthermore, for customer satisfaction, we have adopted flexibility in our itinerary and trekking days and time too.


Thank You