Accent Himalaya welcomes all the travel lovers to our magically beautiful country of mountains. The pious purpose of exploration via trekking in Nepal, traveling in Nepal or visiting Nepal may be foremost fun and entertainment. Secondly, a number of tourists come to visit Nepal for the religious purpose.

Likewise, study and research can be the purpose of visiting Nepal since it is rich in art and architecture as well as archeological studies. Whatever may be your goal, the expert trekking and tour guides, as well as the amicable porters, help you achieve your purpose with profound satisfaction.

The other reason for you to choose Accent Himalaya is the flexible itinerary that we offer our guests. We do have our own itinerary. However, we can make a new itinerary for our guest as per their trekking or tour schedule to meet their expectations. Accent Himalaya is more goal driven rather than profit oriented. Customer satisfaction and expanding network are the ultimate goals of our company.

The expertise of our staff is another reason what appeals tourists to choose Accent Himalaya for their trek which is once in a lifetime. All the trekking guides of Accent Himalaya are not only license holder but also fully trained and experienced. You will get detailed information about the places and things which are significantly important.

Moreover, they have the capability to brief the information smoothly in a simple language. We have guides who can speak varieties of languages such as English, Chinese, Spanish, French and more. After all, once you make a trip from Accent Himalaya, you will feel Accent Himalaya your second home and our staff as your family members or soul mates. We guarantee this satisfaction.


Local Himalayan Experts & Hospitality


Accent Himalaya has highly renowned and fully dedicated administrative staff, well experienced and certified local guides who have intensive knowledge of the local culture, communities, and traditions having good communication skills.

The porters at Accent Himalaya are highly experienced, frank and cheerful. Accent Himalaya employs no children as it is against child labor. If any problem arises during your trip, our local experts will settle down the issues promptly. What you can never forget about Accent Himalaya and its team is the hospitality provided by the executives and staff.


Highly Competitive and Budget Trip


Accent Himalaya offers highly competitive trekking and tour packages to the guests. The cost of Accent Himalaya is comparatively cheaper than much other trekking and tour company in the town. However, it is bit expensive than the few as we never compromise on safety, security, and quality of service. We arrange our clients with the best possible accommodation, highly nourished and hygienic food, cozy lodging, and transportation, certified and highly experienced team leaders, guides, and dedicated and honest porters.

Accent Himalaya creates such an atmosphere where every tourist feels proud since a certain percentage of the cost you spent here in Nepal goes to the marginalized and disadvantaged communities. Hence, you are enjoying the beauty of Nepal and also contributing to the economic empowerment of the low-level communities.  


Health and Safety

Health and safety of the team and guests come as the first priorities of Accent Himalaya.We have covered all the insurance policy of our employees. To ensure the health and safety of our guests, Accent Himalaya provides the detailed information about the weather, altitudes, precautions, food habits and much more prior to your visit.

During your visit, we provide the best accommodation, hygienic and fully nourished balanced diet and advise you to adopt safety measures. Despite all the precautions, if any problem arises, our team leaders and guides will help you solve the minor problems and in the case of critical situation, we will arrange rescue work by helicopters.

Accent Himalaya Company is one of the experts in the rescue operation and in the past few years we have successfully rescued many of our clients having serious issues mainly high altitude sickness. So as to ensure the proper and clear communication in the mountains, our team leader and guides carry a satellite phone along with them and a GPS device by the help of which you will be rescued timely in case of an emergency or seriousness.


 Accent Himalaya ensures and manages the following things for your safety:


  • We will provide you with well-nourished and hygienic food where one gets the food which is fresh and organic and always focuses on the client’s allergy reactions to products and gets the foods which they are not allergic to them.
  • Our team will have First Aid Kits all the time.
  • We ensure the safety of each individual while ascending the high mountains.
  • We announce precautions about possible high altitude sickness for your trek to the mountain region.
  • We observe the legal policies and all the rules and regulations as well as the weather forecast so that our clients can enjoy the trip without worrying.
  • There is reliable communication throughout your journey with the help of satellite phones.
  • While trekking we do even use GPS devices for tracking your location.
  • We do even have the provision of helicopter rescue in case of an emergency.


Small Groups


Although we arrange trek tour and expedition for larger groups we prefer arranging small groups. In bigger groups, clients may feel left out or they may not get enough time to get detailed information and might leave them unsatisfied. So as to eradicate such negative impacts, we prefer not more than seven tourists in a group. Traveling in a small group is much fun and informative.


Following are the benefits of being in a small group:

  • We can respond to every individual question.
  • Each individual in the group can get free time to explore as per their desire and interests.
  • Traveling in a small group helps to evade such negative impacts on the environments.
  • Privacy can be maintained in a small group.


If you are convinced with this company and would like to travel with our team then we will make your tour the best one by providing you the best services at the reasonable price.


Quality Service

Accent Himalaya values in quality rather than quantity. We believe quantity may last for some time but quality remains for lifelong. Some of the best quality services are:

  • World standard services.
  • Freedom to choose any accommodation as per clients’ desire.
  • Pick up and drop from airport to hotel and back to the airport from hotel.
  • Provision of experienced and certified local guides and team leaders.
  • A Strong partnership with other service providers to make your journey the best possible.


Guaranteed Departures Dates and Flexibility 

Accent Himalaya has options for you either to adjust in our fixed itinerary or to order your own as per your plan and interest. Either you are single or a couple and want to pro-pone or postpone your flight, we will try our best to do so but if you are in a group, it may not be feasible. 


Customized Tailor-Made itinerary and Price


Accent Himalaya has different packages for different destinations. On our website, if anyone is confused about the tour/trek they want to make or can’t decide, please do email or contact us. We have an expert team who have been specializing and adjusting many tours and treks. They can help you fix tour and tailor a new itinerary as per your interest as per your number of traveling days, selection of food, accommodation, and other facilities.


Guide and Porter Trekking Policy

Accent Himalaya is very grateful to the team of our well expert certified guides and porters without whom the trek and tour cannot come to a successful end. So the company has made some rules and policy for the guides and porters which is respected and equally followed like employees in other company do. We have made some insurance policies for them.

  • Guides and porters at Accent Himalaya are well covered with the medical expenses.
  • We provide our guides with the best accommodation. We provide them with necessary sleeping bags, tents etc.
  • All our employees are covered by the insurance policy.
  • We provide our guide with proper clothing according to the change in seasons.  At winter, we provide them down jacket, track pant, socks, comfortable shoes, etc. which are necessary during the trek or tour.
  • We do not overload our porters with more than 10- 15 kg feeling the essence of humanity and their rights.
  • Responsible Tourism

Being in this sector of trekking and tourism, we carry some responsibilities on our shoulders to the local community, ecology, and nature. Hence, we conduct or involve in some cleanliness campaign, awareness programs, tree plantation activities, and much more. We also conduct some community outreach activities.


Environmental Policy

We the Accent Himalaya focus on protecting the environment by encouraging not using plastic stuff which has an adverse impact on the environment. So, we promote the use of local handmade stuff.

Some of the few environmental policies we follow are:

  • At the office of Accent Himalaya, we only use energy efficient bulbs and turn off when it is not necessary. And before going to bed we ensure that all the switches are off and we also turn off the computer when they are not in use.
  • We have started working online as to minimize paper use as for brochures which helps protect the environment by consuming less paper.
  • To protect the forest we use gas or kerosene fuels for cooking. Now, slowly we are shifting it to electricity.
  • To throw waste material dustbin is provided. So, you can throw rubbish in the bins. You are not allowed to litter. At the high altitude, there are some places where the waste is dumped so you are given the bin where you can throw the waste material.
  • We suggest every trekker carry a re-useable product like own water bottle so you can use it repeatedly. Using plastic water bottle again and again and throwing in the open space is harmful to the environment.
  • We always clean the base camp before leaving and encourage other campers to do so.
  • You are encouraged to use sanitizers instead of soap as it pollutes the water resources.
  • Our employees of the company cautiously use the less water while bathing and they do not waste much water.
  • Instead of buying plastic water bottle we advise you to carry your own water bottle where we will be providing you with boiled water or filtered water during your trek in the remote region.
  • Cultural Responsibility and respect for Each Other’s Country


Cultural and religious issues are sensitive as lack of cultural knowledge may bring offense. So as to minimize the cultural shock, Accent Himalaya provides cultural guidelines to our guests. We also suggest our guests read social and cultural etiquettes before visiting any places. Nepalese people highly value foreign culture and we recommend our visitors to respect the local culture as every community has their own typical culture.


Here are some of the lists where you can go through it:


  • In the religious places like temples, monasteries and public places, we suggest you wear decent clothes as wearing too short and transparent clothes are not thought decent.
  • Some places like temples, monasteries are restricted to photography. So, we suggest you consult with the guides before taking photographs in such places.
  • Accent Himalaya doesn’t discriminate any people in terms of sex, race, age, nationality, social status and so on. We respect every individual and we suggest you do the same.
  • In the remote areas and religious places, holding the hand of the spouse, hugging or kissing each other is not thought decent. So, we discourage you from doing so.
  • Beggars in the towns are common in the countries like Nepal and India. Hence, we advise you not to donate them directly as your donation doesn’t bring any changes in them. If you are willing to donate - there are many social organizations where you can donate to help bring changes in people’s lives.


Our Community and Social Responsibility

Accent Himalayan fully supports the people who are living in poverty. We have been working closely with the organization called People Awareness Youth Society where we donate the certain portion of our annual profit which will be spent for constructing schools and hiring better teachers to educate children in the remote areas.

We also help other organizations who are working in the field of education, mainly in the remote areas because we believe that the changes are possible only through education. So, let’s help together to eradicate illiteracy and poverty from this beautiful country.

In northern Dhading of central Nepal, Accent Himalaya helps the people of Slyankot village in promoting the school by educating the children.


Thank you